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How to Design Door Hangers to Promote Your Restaurant

April 30, 2012 10:47
Restaurants always benefit greatly from any form of advertising that uses colorful images and door hanger printing is a cost-effective to promote your business.  With some pretty basic tips for your graphic design, and a great resource for online printing like Conquest Graphics, cheap door hanger printing becomes a perfect marketing strategy for restaurants.
Take advantage of imagery—  One of the best benefits of door hanger printing for restaurants is the way that high quality, glossy images can be used to show off your delicious looking food.  Customers respond quickly and strongly to visual advertising and this is especially true for industries that offer products that can satisfy all 5 senses.  One professional photograph of a pepperoni pizza can say that it’s hot, perfectly cooked, covered with high quality ingredients, a nice big size, and very aromatic.  They say that pictures are worth a thousand words, but with cheap door hanger printing they don’t have to cost that much!
Include menu highlights—  Although restaurants can include a huge chunk of their menus on their cheap door hanger printing, sometimes it’s better to highlight some of the more popular and enticing food items—particularly if they are associated with some kind of special.  For example, an Italian restaurant could advertise their top 5 selections; chicken parmesan, chicken alfredo, spaghetti, cheese ravioli, and pasta e fagioli. These are well-known and easily recognizable dishes whose prices will help give a general picture of your business’ pricing model.  Direct readers to your website for the complete menu if applicable.
Make sure to include address and phone number —  This may seem obvious but it’s important not to overlook emphasizing  your relevant contact information!  You want your customers to know immediately where you’re located and what your phone number is, in addition to a website or other social networking site if they can be used to place orders.  One good idea is to mention what your restaurant is close to so that potential customers will create associations.  Quotes like, “Next to the Downtown Mall!” or, “Right across from Big Supermarket on Main Street!” create those immediate associations and connect your business with others that have ties to the community and established legitimacy.
Take geography into account—  Outside of the graphic design itself, you should make sure that your printed door hanger is distributed intelligently around the area.  If your restaurant delivers then be sure to focus your advertising within that zone—it does very little good to spend money to advertising your Chinese takeout business over 30 minutes away when your drivers will only travel to residences 15 minutes away.
Door hangers are definitely one of the best ways of advertising delicious food!  Customers respond so well to the images and the close geographical proximity that it is easy to attract their attention.  When you combine your photography with high quality printing, competitive pricing, and smart distribution of the marketing materials, you will make sure to get the absolute most out of your advertising budget.
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