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Why Hire A Graphic Designer to Design Your Printed Marketing Materials?

April 26, 2012 11:24
All companies want to cut costs at each level of advertising but it’s always important to know when you’re cutting costs and when you’re actually costing yourself profit.  Too often businesses will employ in-house personnel for their graphic design needs because they don’t understand the knowledge base and research that goes into a professional design position.  Unfortunately, they can then miss out on the increased revenue generated by a skilled graphic designer who knows how to put a novel and exciting spin on your cheap brochure printing through high quality, cost effective companies like Conquest Graphics.
Understanding of market research— Part of training and education in graphic design is learning how to use knowledge of market research to maximize the benefits of your cheap printing needs.  A professional graphic designer understands trends in advertising and should have experience in taking advantage of these trends using the right combination of imagery and text—an in-house individual may not be able to do the same.
Saves time— When you give the task of designing to an in-house staff member who does not have a background in the field then you are also tasked with not only teaching them the relevant software and other tools, but understanding that they will not move as quickly through the process as a professional.  As a result, you may have a lower quality product that takes twice as long to produce.
Saves money— Believe it or not, it is often true that hiring a graphic designer to take charge of the creative side of your marketing materials can actually save you money.  Not only will a good graphic designer be able to compress the greatest amount of information into the smallest possible space while still looking professional, as it is part of their education, but the most success advertising strategies increase revenue and cause the freelance fee to pay for itself!
Creative specialty— Graphic design is, of course, a creative process, and like all creative processes it benefits most from a creative personality!  Generally professionals who choose to go into this field are artistic and have the right mindset for this type of marketing.  While in college they learn how to turn their natural talents into a skill that becomes second nature to them.
Be sure to research the graphic designer before hiring them because their final products will only have as much quality as they do.  They should have a portfolio for you to browse, and the depth of the portfolio may be smaller if they have not been out of college for long, but may come with the benefit of a smaller hourly fee.  If you like the quality of their prior work but it’s obvious they’re just starting out, it may be worth giving them a try.  Ideally, your relationship with your graphic designer will be long and fruitful for both parties!
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