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How to Save Money on Your Next Direct Mail Campaign

April 19, 2012 16:16

Direct mail campaigns remain effective and inexpensive thanks to modern methods of cheap printing.  You can often find a high quality on-line printer, such as Conquest Graphics, that offers super competitive prices for printing and can also help you with the mailing end of the job.  But before you begin, it’s important to understand some basic tips for saving money on your direct mail advertising that any business can use.


1.  Keep mailing lists updated – Many businesses forget to keep their mailing lists current.  This means that if you intend to target your direct mail advertising to residents who have purchased from you in the past, and they relocate, your discount printing will not reach its intended target.  If you sell women’s wear then you don’t want to repeatedly send the same marketing materials to a house full of men.  Be sure to match the customers’ names with their residential addresses.

2.  Enhance relevance through customization – Customers are much more likely to respond to advertising when it is personalized.  Now with digital printing, businesses can make their direct mail pop out and grab the resident’s attention.  Use their names, geographical or local cultural references, and other relevant and customized information to let the customer feel like your cheap postcard printing was designed just for them!

3.  Bulk mail discounts – The Post Office gives bulk mail discounts to encourage businesses to send a large quantity of items.  When you presort your mail, either by sorting by zip code or dropping it off at a particular USPS location, you receive special commercial pricing.  The Post Office is willing to offer their services at a lesser price because your business takes on part of the work load.

4.  Automation – Similar to bulk mail shipping, automation is a clever way to save some money through the USPS.  The difference between bulk mail pricing and automation pricing is that automation is the process of pre-printing labels.  This way, when you drop off your mail at the Post Office they can quickly run them through their machines.  Barcoding your discount printing, in addition to shipping in bulk, can save your business a good deal of money.  Cheap postcard printing with stamped labels is a brilliant and economical marketing idea.


5.  Well-designed response forms – If your direct mail marketing strategy involves any sort of response form, which generally also requires a pre-paid envelope, it’s important to make sure they’re compatible.  Some businesses will mistakenly design forms that are inappropriately sized or too bulky for the included envelopes—if they think to add them at all!  The idea behind response forms is that they’re so easy to use that any customer will have the time to use them.  If the forms cost them money out of pocket or seem like any sort of inconvenience they will often be ignored or discarded.

Your business should use these tips to make your cheap printing strategy even cheaper.  By monitoring your mailing lists for targeting, taking advantage of the USPS’s bulk and barcoded incentives for businesses, and making sure that your advertising is eye catching then you are guaranteed to make the most of your budget.

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