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Postcard Printing for Restaurant Owners

April 17, 2012 12:53
Postcard printing for direct mail marketing in the restaurant industry can be a huge benefit for attracting customers.  There is no reason to limit print advertising to leaflets and brochures when postcards are so versatile and attractive.  If you order your printing through an online business with high-quality product and competitive pricing, like Conquest Graphics, postcard printing is an incredibly inexpensive and effective form of advertising for direct mail.
1.  Multi-purpose printing – Not only can postcard printing offer information to potential customers but it can double as a coupon.  You can simply instruct the recipients to bring the postcard in with them to the restaurant to exchange for a discounted price or a bonus item like a free dessert or drink.  This encourages the customers to keep your advertising around on hand to use for later.  The longer your direct mail marketing is kept around the home, the more visibility it will have, and the more value your business will get for its budget.
2.  Advertise specials – Many restaurants carry on daily specials, like half-priced wings on Thursdays or offering a large pizza at the price of a medium on Sundays.  If your business is seeking to do repeat mailings to increase visibility then including a different special on each piece of postcard printing makes it unique and novel.  Restaurants seem more financially healthy and viable when they appear to offer active marketing strategies with multiple pieces.  Your advertising can entice customers with its variety.
3.  Take advantage of the graphics – The food industry is one of the primary industries to benefit from the full-color, glossy pop that postcard printing offers.  Potential customers like to see a preview of your dishes to know they’re thoughtfully prepared and look delicious.  Make sure that the images you use are of high quality and the photos look professional.  Food is hard to photograph effectively so you may wish to have a professional photographer do the work if you are not happy with the images you shoot.  Include pictures of your best dishes, desserts or award-winning selection of beers!
4.  Saturation mailing – Saturation mailing is a very specific form of targeted marketing that involves drenching a zip code with direct mail.  This is especially good for local businesses like restaurants because you’re unlikely to draw a customer from outside your nearby zip codes.  If customers are only willing to drive an average of 18 minutes to have dinner out, then you can easily calculate which zip codes are within that driving distance from your business and then saturate your direct mail marketing in that area.  Conquest Graphics also offers mailing services to help get your postcards to your customers.   
5.  Recipe cards – This is a clever idea that often works for certain styles of dining themes.  More culturally familiar dishes will catch the eye of the resident so it’s important to know the local demographics before giving it a try.  If you can get the potential customer to begin thinking about your dish, which hopefully would be like one served in your restaurant, they will also be thinking about your business.
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