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5 Creative Ways to Use QR Codes in Your Print Marketing Campaign

March 30, 2012 09:32
QR codes (abbreviated from ‘Quick Response’ codes) are bar codes that can be printed directly onto printed marketing materials and then scanned by mobile phone applications.  Once scanned, the QR codes function like hyperlinks that can direct the user to a website through their phone’s web browser.  Through QR code printing, companies can use increasingly creative ways to innovate their advertising with modern technology.  You can demonstrate your product or service, offer discounts and other fun incentives, and network through the community using these small, black-and-white bar codes.
Coupons -- One of the most popular methods of marketing with QR codes is redirecting users to both internal and third-party websites where customers can access rebates and coupons either to print or redeem online.  The QR code landing page can prompt the customer to enter their email address to receive special offers, and in doing so, connect them with the product or service in a very enduring way.
Contests – Interactive contests and sweepstakes are very intriguing methods of capturing the attention of shoppers.  The promises of prizes and rewards encourage individuals to pursue leads for more information about a product or service. The possibility of winning free prizes can create allure through links that lead to web pages with bright, attractive, visually appealing imagery and fun or valuable incentives.
Video demonstration – QR code printing also allows companies to supplement their print advertising with links to real video demonstrations that are hosted on their websites.  It is exciting for customers to be able to access mobile commercials for anything from clothing lines and cleaning supplies to car repair services and amusement parks while on the go.
Social media marketing links – Social media has been the hottest wave of marketing in recent years, and QR codes make it even easier to network with customers.  The codes can direct individuals to social media pages, allow them to link their various accounts, and also attract the attention of their family and friends.  When someone jumps from a QR code to a social media page, “likes” or subscribes to your company’s content, then it increases visibility that can be analyzed through a variety of metrics.
GPS map location – A benefit to marketing with QR codes for local businesses is that you can easily visually connect customers with your geographic location which is much more compelling advertising than simply including a street address.  An individual who follows a link to an actual map will then associate it more closely with landmarks and other businesses they are familiar with.
QR codes are a new, fascinating way to give traditional print media a new dimension.  With the increasing popularity and accessibility of smartphones, more and more customers have the means to use this technology to its fullest potential.  Additionally, by connecting users to internal and third-party websites, it is possible to fit a large amount of information into a visually dynamic format that can appeal to individuals in every demographic.
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