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Tri-Fold Brochure Printing for Doctors

February 13, 2012 12:19

The purpose of a tri-fold brochure is to promote or raise interest in a product or service. In the case of medical practices, another purpose is to increase confidence in the doctor(s) and to describe their specialties.  Doctors can also describe their philosophy, qualifications and what distinguishes them from other practices.    

Brochures for doctors should be professional and informative.  If the office has several different types of services, then it may be wise to have separate pamphlets that speak to each area of expertise.  For example, a dermatologist may have one brochure that describes identification and treatment of skin cancer and another that deals with more cosmetic concerns such reducing wrinkles. 

The overriding characteristic of any form of promotional material in the medical field must be complete truthfulness. There is no room for “puffery” of any kind. Medical professionals are required to adhere to high ethical standards, and any statement made in your brochure must comply with the standards of the profession as well as any applicable state or local laws.

Here are some of the key elements in the successful design of a tri-fold brochure for the promotion of a medical practice:

1) A clear statement of specialty, strengths, and experience. The first thing any potential patient is going to want to know is whether you are the right doctor for them.  When you describe your practice, use clear and simple language.   While you may be able to list your practice as ‘otorhinolaryngology’, it’s much better to state that you are an ear, nose and throat specialist. Save the Latin and Greek for impressing your colleagues. With potential patients, leave no room for misunderstanding;

2) Describe the extent of your practice:  Whether your office has one doctor or several physicians that work together, give an overview of how your office works to treat patients.  Some patients may be more interested in having a team of experts working together and some would rather have the personal care of one doctor to handle all of their needs.  Let them know what you offer.                     

3) Credentials count:  It is important to give your patient’s confidence that they are being treated by the best.  So include your qualifications on any brochure or any marketing material.  Detail your educational background, including experience at research institutes within the specialty, participation in professional boards, and certificates or accreditations. This sort of information is not clutter: a patient contemplating a difficult course of treatment is going to be reassured by this kind of information. 

4) Testimonials must comply with the law. Each state has laws which govern what medical professionals may or may not say about themselves when marketing their services to the public. Check with your state licensing board to find out what the rules are with regard to patient confidentiality, the HIPAA laws, and advertising guidelines.

Once you have the information that you want to include, take a look at the brochure templates available at Conquest Graphics so you can lay out the material for printing.  The brochures can be ordered easily on-line and will be delivered to your office for display.  Conquest Graphics can help you with any questions you have regarding the printing.  A quality tri-fold brochure which will reflect the high expectation your potential patients have of your profession.


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