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One Calendar Markets Your Company for 12 Months

by John
November 29, 2011 07:40

There are not many marketing aids that keep your company profile on view for a year, but calendars do just that. Every month that passes provides a reminder of your company and another opportunity to promote your products or services.

Decide if you prefer to hand out calendars for us on your customer’s desks or walls. Wall calendars can present problems, because someone has to go to the effort of hanging them. Good quality desk calendars work well. They tend to be considered personal; they’re like a small gift and people don’t discard personal gifts.

Decide what the aim of your calendar is. Do you want your customers to use it for writing on, or is it simply an aid memoire?  With the use of computer calendars, it’s not likely that it will be used for the purpose of recording forthcoming meetings and events. A desk calendar is easy to glance at and you can quickly look at future dates.

Check out the different styles of calendars that are available and find one that suits your requirements best. It needs to directly promote your products or services effectively.

Ensure your logo appears prominently for each month. Maybe add a brief message about your products or services, so your customers get regular reminders of what you do. Remember every month is another opportunity to promote your company.

Use the calendars as marketing tools at trade shows and exhibitions, or as gifts for the Christmas holiday season. However, make sure you have them ready to distribute in the fall. No one is interested in getting a calendar in the spring, or getting a calendar in January when the new year has already started.

Ensure you get the print run correct. You don’t want to get left with hundreds of calendars, because unlike other types of marketing material, they quickly become obsolete.

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