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Is a Business Card Necessary?

by John
November 25, 2011 07:30

You may be thinking that in today's high tech world with instant communication systems and remote meetings that business cards are no longer as important as they used to be. Think again, a business card today is the same important business tool as it's always been. A well designed business card can say a lot about you and the company you represent.

Consider the following factors before deciding on your business card:

  • The business card must be unique. Ensure the logo doesn't look like or resemble another company's. You don't want your card to be mistaken for someone else's and you don't want it to just end up amongst hundreds of others that are all similar.

  • Take time to think about the colors you intend to use. Too many different colors on a card confuse the eye and people don't retain the information.

  • The type of fonts you decide on play an important role. Don't go for fancy, difficult to read fonts. Don't use fonts that try to give the impression they are handwritten; they're not professional.

  • Carefully consider the quality of the material you use for the business card. Thin cards don't last and end up getting crumpled, bent and the discarded. Cards made of metal look too flashy, but also a person can't write on them.

  • You may think the first thing you do when you are handed a business card is to look at it, but actually the first thing is you hold it in your hand. The feel of a business card can be as important as the look. Think about what you want the feel of the card to say about you. If you need to present yourself as structured, straightforward and direct then the card should be firm with 90 degree corners. However, if you want a softer friendlier approach, then rounded corners may be better.

Remember that cheap business card printing can also be high quality!

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