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Business Newsletter Printing Tips and Ideas

by John
November 17, 2011 02:25

Your business newsletter as the name implies, needs to provide interesting news to your customers. However, it's easy to get it wrong. Many cover general topics, maybe things that have happened in the company and bear no relevance to your customers. If fact sometimes a newsletter sent to customers would be more relevant if it was sent internally to the staff. This results in your expensive newsletter only getting glanced at and then it's in the trash, or if online, deleted.

You need to take time and plan to present a good newsletter. Consider the following:

Ask yourself what you are trying to achieve by producing newsletters. It may seem a pretty obvious question, but many companies produce them simply because they think they ought to. If it's for keeping in touch, a newsletter may not be an effective tool. Many people find them intrusive, don't have time to read them and if they do, the content isn't news; it's basically advertising.

Keep in mind the people and companies you are addressing in the newsletter too. How many newsletters do you intend to distribute and how frequently? The larger the distribution base the more difficult the newsletter gets. This is because what's important to one person may not be to another. Keep it relevant to your customers.

Remember to keep your customer mailing list up to date. There really isn't anything more annoying than getting newsletters from companies that address you as a customer when you haven't used the company or its services for years. Review the listing regularly and ensure that you use the latest listing before sending out newsletters.

Take note of customer feedback. Send out your newsletter and then after a week or so make a quick call to the recipient on the customer list. Ask them a few simple quick questions, but remember they are probably busy with their own business and may not see why they need to take time to talk to you about your business.

And remember that full color newsletter printing can add that extra sparkle!

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