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Business Greeting Cards: Not Just For Holidays

by John
November 15, 2011 12:19

When you think of a business greeting card you probably think of July 4th, or Christmas. However, there can be many occasions during the course of a year when sending a business greeting card to customers, or potential customers, is a terrific marketing tool for your business. Business greetings cards are personal so they mean more than leaflets or brochures. It indicates a caring individual approach to your customers and makes them feel special. They help build a deeper relationship meaning that you retain more business and your company prospers.

It's always best to do a little research about your customers. Check out milestones, such as being in business for a certain number of years. If you learn about a particular achievement, such as being awarded a big contract, send a personalized greeting card. If you know any of the individuals and you learn something important has occurred, it's a great opportunity to send a greeting card.

A great way to add extra value to a greeting card is to include coupons or discount vouchers relevant to the reason you are sending the greeting card. If the company is celebrating a 10 year anniversary, then a voucher for a bottle of champagne may work well. On a more personal level, if you're sending a greeting card to an individual who's celebrating something, like the birth of a baby, then it's a great opportunity to include a voucher for some baby clothes or similar. You can guarantee your greeting card will be remembered.

Keep your greeting short and to the point. If it's to an individual, then it does best to hand write the message; it makes it look more personal and is appreciated.


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