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Just Ask Rocky: Jogging

by John
November 5, 2011 08:26

Just Ask Rocky

In our office everyone gives their best. Even our beloved mascot Rocky. Rocky is a blue merle Aussiedoodle (also called an “Aussiepoo”). We’ve found Rocky to be quite smart, well behaved and very easy to train. He’s learned quite a bit about printing and here he takes your questions about printing and anything else you'd like to ask Rocky.

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Dear Rocky,

I've recently taken up jogging and my dog comes along. Sometimes my dog has trouble keeping up with me and I wonder if my dog likes going jogging with me. What do you think – I'm getting a dog's opinion here – do dogs like to go jogging?

Jogging Man

Dear Jogging Man,

Well most dogs do like to jog – its just how much jogging do we like. My opinion as a dog? If your dog seems to be jogging along with you for awhile and then starts to slow down, then perhaps you are jogging too far for him. I don't know how long a jog you are taking your dog on. Try taking your dog on shorter jogs and see if his interested increases. Perhaps he'll take to jogging more, and will want to do longer jogs then too!


p.s. I like how jogging is very eco-friendly. We are environmentally conscious here too.

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