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Putting Your Best Foot Forward with Presentation Folders

by John
November 1, 2011 14:53

Starting a new company has never been easy. That's why it is so important to put your best foot forward. First impressions matter, especially in the business world. Any company wants to impress that potential customer, vendor or connection the very best they can.

Presentation folders are one of the best choices that new company can make when they are concerned about that best foot forward. There are so many ways a business executive can use a presentation folder. Whether it is holding a new proposal, quote for new business or information introducing your business – there is potential with every opportunity.

One of the top reasons to choose presentation folders are they show immediately to everyone that your company has the professional edge. That presentation folder subtly – and not so subtly lets that potential new customer know that your company is serious about doing business. From the moment it is held out to that new potential customer, your new company name and information is visible. Your logo, your company name and perhaps visual images featuring your company's products and services. What's that popular saying? "A picture is worth a thousand words" Well, it is very true. Once someone has seen a visual image – it is so much easier for them to envision that product or service – than if you simply give them a written proposal or fact sheet.

Best of all, presentation folders are a low cost investment. But for a low cost investment, you receive a high return. These are the ideal materials to use on the top contacts you've already spoken to about your business; those you know or have a good feeling will want to do business with you. Showing them information in a polished and professional presentation folder just makes your company and products and services look better and better.

Follow our tips to create a high impact presentation folder for your company. You'll be unstoppable!

Start by thinking if you want to use this presentation folder for one purpose or for several. Either choice is okay, but it is so important that you be clear and concise about your decision ahead of time. You could get a greater impact with several different types of presentation folders for different purposes – or one created to serve all of them. But planning ahead is the key to it all for each company.

Remember that most people are visual. Your presentation folder needs to be visually appealing. That doesn't mean you must use lots of photos – you could even use none or just one photo. But always keep in mind the colors, font and layout of the presentation folder. "How would a new customer react to this?" is a good question to keep in mind as you design.

Get some feedback. It is great to put your thinking cap on and design your presentation folders. But try asking a few business colleagues their thoughts about your presentation folders before you place the order. You may be surprised by their feedback – they might see things that never occurred to you. Or they might simply echo what you are thinking about the presentation folders. The best idea is to ask a few people, not just one or two.

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