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Just Ask Rocky: Letterhead

by John
August 30, 2011 07:54

Just Ask Rocky

In our office everyone gives their best. Even our beloved mascot Rocky. Rocky is a blue merle Aussiedoodle (also called an “Aussiepoo”). We’ve found Rocky to be quite smart, well behaved and very easy to train. He’s learned quite a bit about printing and here he takes your questions about printing and anything else you'd like to ask Rocky.

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Dear Rocky,

Our company is thinking about changing their letterhead. We have some ideas about what we'd like. A designer created a new logo for us and we'd like to use that. The designer suggested that we use recycled paper for our letterhead. Why should we use recycled paper for our letterhead?


Fresh Outlook

Dear Fresh Outlook,

New letterhead can be a great "fresh outlook" for your branding for your company, without spending a pretty penny. Most companies use their letterhead every day for both new and existing clients or customers – so you'll easily make connections.

There are many reasons to use recycled paper for your letterhead. Recycled paper is environmentally friendly, so you are helping the environment in this way. Research has shown that many customers would prefer to do business with companies that are environmentally conscious vs. others that are not. So taking this step can let your customers know you care about the environment, and may encourage you to make other changes as well – most are easy to do like using different light bulbs or using recycled paper for all of your paper needs.



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