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Just Ask Rocky: Newly Engaged

by John
July 30, 2011 15:23

Just Ask Rocky

In our office everyone gives their best. Even our beloved mascot Rocky. Rocky is a blue merle Aussiedoodle (also called an “Aussiepoo”). We’ve found Rocky to be quite smart, well behaved and very easy to train. He’s learned quite a bit about printing and here he takes your questions about printing and anything else you'd like to ask Rocky.

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Dear Rocky,

I just got engaged and we're starting to plan the wedding. I know there are some "must have's" and we've got to order wedding invitations. My fiancé and I would like our wedding invitations to be "green" or eco-friendly. How can our wedding invitations be eco-friendly? Any suggestions?

Newly Engaged

Dear Newly Engaged,

Congratulations on your recent engagement and upcoming marriage! That's dog-gone exciting (excuse a dog related pun)! Green wedding invitations have become popular and there are some easy ways you can make your wedding invitations eco-friendly.

Start with recycled paper. This is a very easy choice to make and you have so many options as to what type of paper you would like. Guests will know when you choose recycled paper that you care about the environment.

Try soy based inks. This is another popular choice for green wedding invitations. Soy based inks offer you the same high quality printing options you'd expect, except with this choice you are making Mother Nature smile a bit wider.

Consider having e-mail R.S.V.P.'s. This is an option to consider to opt out of a response card in your wedding invitation. Just about everyone today has email and can send their R.S.V.P. to you this way. You'll use less paper, not adding a response card and leave less of a carbon footprint with the traffic created by delivering all the response cards.


p.s. As always, Conquest Graphics is very concerned about the environment. We are very proud to be a green printing company!

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