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Creating and Printing an Effective Direct Mail Postcard

April 10, 2012 15:00

Effective postcard printing strategies for your direct mail marketing require smart use of space and enough color and visual appeal to draw the eye.  You only have a few seconds to capture the customers’ attention so sharp graphics, a strong headline and vivid colors are important. 

The benefit to postcard printing is that it tends to jump out at the home owner with striking pictures and bold text.  You can send your marketing message to your target audience at little cost.  And consumers love the straightforward nature of postcard printing.

Graphic design – It’s a good idea to include some sort of image on your postcard printing that easily conveys what your business is selling.  This doesn’t have to mean the image monopolizes one side of the postcard, but it should stand out as an accent to your text.  The text itself should use color when possible to jump out from the paper and do be sure to add gloss to your postcard printing.  Gloss makes a more attractive postcard and protects it through the mail process.  When you choose an online company with competitive pricing and high quality products, such as Conquest Graphics, extras like gloss are affordable ways to set your advertising apart.
Multi-purpose possibilities – One of the fun things about postcard printing is that the postcards themselves can often double as other advertising items—like raffle tickets, game cards, or invitations.  If your business finds creative ways to give consumers reasons to hold onto your direct mail marketing, whether temporarily or long-term, you are getting so much more mileage out of the printing itself.
Emphasize the hook – With postcards it is vital that you put the hook (or offer) front and center.  Are you pushing a 30% off sale?  A buy-one-get-one?  A new property listing or new flavor of soft drink?  Tell consumers immediately what you’re offering with that particular piece of advertising because they will only scan it for an average of a few seconds before putting it down.  You don’t have the usual time to intrigue them to make a sale and there is no opportunity for a slow build—you need to be clear on what you are offering.

Clear and concise contact information – This may seem to be common sense but it is amazing how many companies neglect one of the most important aspects of the direct mail marketing materials—the contact information!  Include as many ways as possible for consumers to contact you because there are always a wide variety of preferred methods.  Some customers prefer phone, some by mail, and others will only respond online.  If you hit all potential groups with one fell swoop then you increase the mileage of your advertising and further ensure consumer interest.

Utilize both sides – Not only are postcards two sides, but customers expect both sides to have good information on them.  Unlike letters or business cards, which are generally blank on one side, (although ideally this shouldn’t be the case) recipients are accustomed to the notion of a postcard with a picture on one side and text-based information on the reverse.  Take advantage of the idea that they will flip your postcard printing over at least once to explore the possibility of either a picture to accompany the text, or some information to give context to the image.  Check with the postal service also because the address panel can be much smaller than in the past because machines are reading the address (not humans).  So you can use more space to send your message. 

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Why Restaurant Owners Shouldn’t Ignore Traditional Print

April 4, 2012 14:44
With all of the creative options available for printing for restaurants, owners should never ignore traditional print strategies.  New fads like using iPads for customer ordering, displaying menus on digital signage, and the resurgence of the “drive-in” diner theme all remain secondary to traditional printing on paper products for restaurants.  Customers enjoy the enduring comfort and familiarity of the classic “sit-down” paper menu dining experience.
The menus themselves should be regularly updated and well-maintained—this means your menu printing should be done on high quality paper with a glossy, laminated surface, and they should be updated every time a change is made to your selections.  Paper without any lamination for protection and food products are a bad combination in any setting, but as frequently as menus are used in dining establishments, this form of printing for restaurants should include a high gloss whenever possible. 
There are few things more unappetizing than ordering from a menu covered with pieces of food and stains.  Additionally, updating menus by hand using markers or pieces of paper and tape looks unprofessional.  It’s always worth it to simply have your menu printing redone.
All throughout restaurants there are opportunities to utilize paper printing to better serve and retain the customer base; trifold brochure wine and dessert displays in the center of the table, theme-centered displays hanging from the ceiling and posted on the walls, and even greeting cards and rack cards for those franchises that choose to sell brand merchandise near the registers.  There are many opportunities to create an experience for customers that will extend beyond just good food.  Through strategic planning and commitment to a compelling, solid theme—whether it be “Tuscan villa” or “southern comfort”—printing for restaurants can transform the interior. 
There are several more in-house uses for printing for restaurants but they certainly do not stop there—marketing in the community relies on it as well.  One of the best ways to bring in new customers to a food-based business is with detailed, high quality images.  A pizza parlor’s postcard printing strategy could include a large, glossy, high resolution picture of a delicious pepperoni pizza and breadsticks on the front.  When a potential customer arrives home from work in the early evening, hungry and ready to eat dinner, this bright, colorful advertisement will pop out at them and entice them to place an order.  Few businesses benefit from using print images like restaurants and culinary retailers.
It’s important for businesses to take advantage of tools like websites or smartphone apps, and it’s fun and exciting to utilize entertainment devices like flat-screen televisions, but it’s even more important to not let the classics of print for restaurants to fall by the wayside—especially with companies like Conquest Graphics that allow restaurant owners to capitalize on these traditional print strategies through the convenience of online ordering and with such competitive pricing.  Trends like making reservations online through your cell phone and ordering your appetizers on the table’s tablet PC may endure or fizzle out, but sitting around a table with your good friends and family and flipping through a paper menu while you laugh and share the experience will never go out of style.
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How Charitable Organizations Use Print Marketing to Drive Donations

April 4, 2012 12:05
Charitable organizations thrive on the donations of the general public in order to further their causes, and these can be seen as another form of sales which benefits from printed direct mail marketing.  You have to attract attention and be able to sustain it long enough to solicit at least one donation but repeat donors are always better.  Currently, charitable organizations receive charity discounts for their mailing needs, but this may change in the future as it remains a heated issue in Congress.  However, these following strategies of paper printing in direct mail marketing will continue to serve your charity well.
QR codes – One of the easiest ways to benefit from direct mail marketing is with the advent of QR codes.  These bar codes, which are scannable with smartphone applications, can electronically direct potential donors to your website or other informational links.  The best part about this strategy is that individuals can immediately jump from your paper advertising to a means of donating within seconds.
Event tickets – All charities can benefit from special events whether they be balls, speaking engagements, sporting competitions, art shows, etc.  The ability to trade cash for physical, paper tickets remains vital for this purpose. 
Banners – Within the events, or even your charitable organization’s headquarters, there are always innumerable opportunities to display signage.  Cross-promotion is a very smart way to partner with other businesses to further each other’s causes.  Let your charity sponsor a high school football game and hang a charity banner in the end zone, or invite a motor vehicle corporation to donate a large sum to your charity and feature their brand in a banner advertisement at one of your auction events.
Flyers – This is an important resource for all charities.  Soliciting donations requires visibility so that the general public believes that you are a legitimate organization—if a potential donor has never heard of your charity then they will be much less likely to donate money.  If you distribute flyers through direct mail marketing or by hand then you can put out a bulk of information in an attractive and inexpensive way.
Booklets – Booklets allow charitable organizations to compile a substantial amount of information on print material that looks and feels professional and very well-put together.  Charities that are soliciting very big sums of money or that are operated by large corporations or state organizations often benefit from going beyond a one page flyer—this is especially true for causes that are very heavy on information.  For instance, soliciting donations for medical research often requires an explanation of the procedure or treatment itself.  This can be made easier through pages of diagrams, photographs, definition lists, or quotes and excerpts from medical texts.  Booklets are perfect for this option.
Charitable organizations can use printing for either their direct mail marketing needs, for in-house advertising, or for specific events.  When charities combine the competitive pricing of online printers like Conquest Graphics with the charity discounts through the Post Office, traditional paper printing becomes an incredibly cost effective and efficient way of driving up donations and furthering their respective causes.
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How Print Can Drive Customers to Your Website

April 3, 2012 15:32
Many businesses including businesses that work primarily on-line, do not realize that print media can help drive customers to their websites using direct mail marketing.  Postcards, brochures, or even business cards can help to direct individuals to your Internet resources for both products and services.  Most companies utilize print advertising and also have a web address, so there is no reason not to link their strategies together in one cohesive campaign. 
QR codes are one of the most cost effective and efficient means of driving customers to your website.  They are an intriguing combination of modern technology and traditional media in that they allow your business to place barcodes on your marketing materials that can be scanned by smartphone applications.  Once customers have scanned your QR codes they can be directly bumped to your website—filled with product or service information, video demonstrations, testimonials, checkout options, etc.  For instance, your postcard printing for a travel agency could feature a picture of an exotic location on the front and a QR code on the back that sends smartphone users to an information page about its corresponding travel destination.  This way you connect with customers on multiple levels.
Due to the last decade’s boom in social media marketing online, it’s important to link your social media accounts to your traditional direct mail marketing so that you hit your target market through as many channels as possible.  If you print your social media page URLs on your literature, customers who are less inclined to respond to traditional print will also be directed to your online resources.  Similarly, you can also use your Internet resources to refer back to any print catalogues, brochures, or signage your business utilizes.
Online signups are another great way to transfer a customer base from print to website.  Offer coupons, special discount codes, contest information, or other exciting goodies and people are sure to find themselves intrigued by an opportunity to take advantage of a good deal.  Many businesses also offer discounts and customized updates to people who submit email addresses, names, or other contact information into relevant fields on their websites.  This way you can keep in touch with your customers and further your advertising strategy through repeated, compelling, personalized emails.  If individuals submit their home addresses then you can also supplement these electronic communications with more direct mail marketing which brings this tactic full circle.
There are a wide variety of easy ways for modern businesses to connect their customers to electronic media using traditional direct mail marketing.  With a little creativity, and an online print resource with competitive pricing like Conquest Graphics, your company can produce paper advertising that directs individuals to your website, social media page, or other Internet site.  Customers love companies with multimedia marketing strategies because it makes them appear dynamic and active.  Just remember to carry over the same level of professionalism and you are guaranteed to take advantage of a two-pronged approach to sales.
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Why you can trust an on-line printer to do a great job

March 26, 2012 14:38
Businesses of all types order printed materials for a variety of marketing products.  Whether you need to  print flyers, brochures, posters, direct mail pieces or business cards, you can often get a better deal by printing with an on-line commercial printer.  But many people are hesitant to order print on-line either for fear that they will either not get a high-quality piece or they are simply set on using their local print shop and do not want to change.
Here are 5 reasons to consider ordering print on-line for your next print job:
1) Pricing is better – most on-line print companies are large operations with tons of press time to fill.  They can group print jobs together and offer you a much lower price than your local print shop that is doing far less volume.
2) Quality is equal or better – these large printers have usually been in business for a very long time and these companies would not last if they were doing sub-par work.  Most on-line printers grew from a traditional print company and added the ability to order printing via the web.  They have quality control measures in place to ensure that they provide the best quality product on every print job.
3) More variety of Products – on-line printers usually can give you a wide variety of products so that you can do all your print shopping in one place.  Because these companies are bigger, they have more press equipment to be able to turn out everything from business cards to posters.  Consider what you usually buy from a printer and make sure the on-line company can handle all those same products – chances are, they can provide all your need an probably more.
4) Money back guarantees – always look for an on-line print company that offers a money back guarantee to ensure that you have a safety net just in case something does not turn out right.  Most good businesses offer a guarantee for their service and on-line printers are no different.  98% of print jobs are perfect the first time, but on the rare occasion that something does not print correctly, you can get your money back or get a re-print that meets your standards.  Some printers also offer turn-around guarantees so you get your print job on-time or get money back.
5) More services – large on-line printers usually can offer you more services than your local print house.  Most have bog customer service departments to help you (on-line or via phone) as well as mailing services, graphic design and more.  Most local printers do not have the resources to fully staff their operation, so on-line companies have the edge in this area.
Besides the reasons mentioned above, on-line printers are actually easier to work with then traditional print companies.  Getting a price quote takes just a couple of minutes and placing the order can be accomplished anytime of the day or night.  When you consider all the other products that are ordered on-line, it makes sense to add printing to the mix.  One great on-line printer to check out first is Conquest Graphics: they offer a ton of products at really low prices and their quality is top notch.  Conquest Graphics offers a money back guarantee, secure on-line ordering and a turn-around guarantee along with more services than you will probably ever need.  You can find them at

Print Marketing: What your business card say about you

March 9, 2012 10:39

If someone were to pick up your printed business card without the benefit of meeting you, will the card convey the right message about you and your company?  Does the card itself make a lasting impression?  That business card in your pocket says more about you than you may like to think.  In fact, business cards can be either your best or worst salesperson.

Printed Business cards are still important in the digital age and do help the reader form an opinion about the business. Cards are also an effective marketing tool and a way to spread the word about your products or services.  Business cards are a form of advertising and should be treated as such. 
So what is important to have on a card? 

The Basics include: Your Name, Company Name, Company Logo, Tag line or Motto, Address, Telephone Number(s), E-mail Address and Website.  Some businesses also include a QR code if there is enough room.
The standard size business card is only 3.5 x 2” and must contain all of the contact information in a way that is easy to read but not cluttered.  Anyone can put their name and address on a plain white sheet of paper but what does that say about your business?  A plain card with few colors, a poorly designed logo and a phone number tells the reader that the business is old-fashioned, uncaring and lacks attention to detail.  It is almost like the card says... “I may get the job done, but don’t expect much more.”

When designing the card, consider these key elements and how you can use them to convey the message you want potential customers to see:

• Color – each color has a meaning.  For example; Dark blue is professional, Red is innovative, Yellow is happy.  Make sure the colors you choose reflect your business.

• Paper – the quality of the paper stock is important for “hand-feel.”  If the paper is thin, it will tell a reader that your business likes to cut corners and save money.  Choose a quality stock whether glossy or matte, textured or satin. 

• Typography – each font provides a different “voice” so choose wisely.  The font should be easy to read but search the various styles to find one that will speak the best for your business. 

• Layout – this is often the most difficult part card design to master.  The layout should be clean, not crowded and have a good visual flow that helps define your company.
When you have the right design, the next step is to bring it to the right printer so that you get a quality print job.  Conquest Graphics provides high-quality commercial printing at a very low price.  You can order your cards on-line and have the printed and shipped to you in time for your grand opening or that next convention.  If you have any questions about the printing, feel free to call their customer service hotline for help.  Remember, your business card is more than just a simple piece of paper.  Be smart and spend the time designing a card that sends the right message. 


What Colors Mean – use of color in print advertising.

March 6, 2012 15:03

Before your printed marketing piece is even read, people look at the visual image and form an impression of your business.  The first thing that most people notice on printed material is the color and each color evokes an emotion or a feeling that sets the tone for the information contained in the advertisement.  So before you begin laying out that flyer for your next sale, make sure that you consider the meaning behind the colors.

Here are some common colors used in printing and what the color communicates:

Red: Energy, Strength, Power, Aggression, Passion, Anger, Love, Desire, Danger.  Red is a shout, not a whisper so use it wisely to call attention to important points.  Red helps people take notice and is often used in printed advertisements to say “Buy Now.”  Use it in small doses to draw the eye to the sale prices or if used in wide swaths it can illustrate excitement or speed.  Red is great for energy drinks, sports cars, sports and romance.

White: Purity, Innocence, Light, Goodness, Virginity, Cleanliness, Safety, Surrender, Coolness.  White is often used in printed ads to exemplify sterility and safeness so it is a good color to use for hospitals, doctors, charitable organizations and schools.  The color white makes high tech products look easier to use and furniture look less cluttered.  White is also used for weddings (in N. America) to signify beginnings and is also used to denote lightness such as in low-fat food products.

Blue: Stability, Sincerity, Trust, Professionalism, Loyalty, Wisdom, Confidence, Cleanliness, Expertise.  Blue tends to be a masculine color and it is often used in corporate America.  The color blue is often used in printed products to promote confidence in law offices and professional services, for high-tech products and for airlines.  It is also used to promote boats, travel, cruises, and any sea related industries.  Of course, this color is also a favorite among bottled water and vodka companies to evoke purity and cleanliness.

Yellow: Happy, Warm, Alert, Sunshine, Intelligence, Joy, Spontaneity.  Yellow is used to communicate warm and happy feelings and also to call attention to specific information in printed ads.  Yellow is often used as a starburst around sale prices or an offer because the eye naturally gravitates to this bright color.  Beware of using yellow with high-end products or when marketing to men as yellow does not promote stability and trust.
Green: Nature, Growth, Fertility, Ecology, Freshness, Harmony, Healing, Endurance, Health.  Green is often used with food products to indicate freshness, low-fat or health as well as with any company that features eco-friendly technologies.  This color is also used in printed materials to indicate safety which can be used in advertising medical products or financial services.  Be aware that a dark green can be associated with money, greed and jealousy while yellow-green can indicate sickness or decay.
Obviously, there are many more colors available to work with in the world of printing but these few examples give you an idea of how color communicates a message even without words.  When you are working on your next print job, consider the power of color and how you can use it to your benefit. 

Once you have your layout finalized, make sure that you work with a quality on-line printer that can bring the colors to life on the printed page.  Conquest Graphics offers commercial quality printing on a wide variety of products - at really low prices.  Let Conquest help you on your next print project so that you get the best product for the money.   


7 Reasons to Trust Ordering Print On-Line

March 2, 2012 15:19
There are many benefits to ordering print on-line – it is easy to order, usually less expensive and the quality is excellent.  However, while on-line print is growing, it is still not widely embraced by the public.  Most of the reason why people are slow to adapt to ordering print on-line is fear.
Some people are apprehensive over the ordering process and some are concerned that the quality will not be what they expect and worry about what happens if they do not get what they need.  Probably the biggest issue is simply the fear of change, of trying something different.   These are normal concerns but if you think about the wide variety of products that are ordered on-line every day (like clothes, food, flowers, etc), print is actually a very safe item to purchase via the web.
Here are some facts to help give you more comfort in ordering your next print job on-line:
1. Online printers provide simple, user-friendly websites that make the ordering process easy.  Simply choose the product you want and enter the same information onto the screen that you would normally provide to your local printer.
2. If you have questions or need help, on-line print companies have customer service personnel available to help you over the phone or walk you through the process the first time.
3. On-line printers usually have the most up to date technology so the quality and costs will usually beat any local print shop.  On-line printers are, by their very nature, larger companies that offer more variety and do more volume so they can invest more on the latest press equipment to produce excellent quality work.
4. If you are concerned about the quality, make sure you order through a printer that offers a money-back guarantee.  Most of them do offer this protection and you will find that you will seldom need to take them up on the guarantee.
5. It is not easy to order anything by mistake.  On-line printers will give you several confirmations along the ordering process to check on your selections and you do not get charged until you confirm the order and enter your credit card number.
6. On-line printers can often provide you with more services than you can get at your neighborhood printer.  They have large customer service departments, graphics or art departments, shipping and mailing experts and lots more.  They can often provide you with tools in advance to help you design a good layout and help you choose the best product for your needs.
7. Large on-line printers will usually save you money because they are more efficient with tightly controlled standards in place ensure quality control.  In fact, many on-line printers will offer first time customers a discount to try their services and offer promotions throughout the year that save you even more.
On-line printers are not fly by night operations.  Most have been in the industry for many, many years and have hundreds of satisfied customers.  These printers simply grew to the point where they were large enough to provide a web portal for ordering.  It costs money to set up a good website and be able to offer the wide variety of products to satisfy the needs of their varied customer base. 
Conquest Graphics is an on-line print company that can give you a huge selection of products at unbelievably low prices.  They can save you money because they print more efficiently than a local print shop.  They will often group similar jobs from multiple customers and run them on-press at the same time so everyone gets a discount on their print job.
Conquest Graphics has been printing since 1922 and they offer a total satisfaction guarantee along with a turn-around guarantee to make sure you get your print products when you need them.  They also have a secure website to protect your credit card information and their ratings are excellent.  So when you are planning your next print job, consider ordering it on-line via  If you have any questions, they provide a toll-free line to their customer service department to help make the process easy. 

Benefits of On-line Printing

February 14, 2012 12:21
The purpose of on-line printing is to provide all the services that a small or even full-service printing company can provide, but to do so using the internet as the primary medium of commerce.
The typical user of on-line printing services is someone who wants to enjoy the time-saving and convenience of working with a printing service company without having to make multiple trips to their
physical location.
Let’s take a look at seven key benefits of working with an online printer such as Conquest Graphics:
1) An online printer is by definition computer savvy. That means that they can handle all your text and images electronically. Generally speaking, the various Adobe programs such as Acrobat and Illustrator are used by companies such as Conquest Graphics, as well as TIFF and JPEG.
2) You don’t have to spend time and money visiting their location multiple times. If you work with an online printing company, and you keep track of how many times you go to their site to deal with your order, it might end up being a half dozen times or more. Suppose you had to make a half dozen trips by car? How much would that cost you in time and money? And if you chose to limit your trips, you might miss something important.
3) You can avoid sending documents through the mail. Email can move your documents through the mail instantly and without concern that they might be lost in the mail. Conquest Graphics uses McAfee Secure and VeriSign Trusted in order to assure its online security. Your documents are safer going through our website than if they had been delivered by mail or courier.
4) You can see the status of your order by logging in. At Conquest Graphics, we give you an account and you log in and see what the status of your order is. It’s kind of like walking into our factory and seeing your order move from stage to stage.
5) You can see the policies as they apply to payments, quality guarantees, and security. We at Conquest Graphics are completely upfront about our policies. We would rather you have access to all of our policies than discover something later that might be unexpected. So anything you need to know is right there on our sight. And if it’s not clear, contact our customer service department and get a clarification.
6) Your payments are secure. At Conquest Graphics, we want you to feel perfectly comfortable paying online. The experience should be no different than working with your bank online. In fact, we are an Authorize.Net “verified merchant”. Your credit card transactions are secure.
7) You have a written record of every point of discussion. All online conversations are preserved through email and communications with us through our website. This helps to keep everyone on the same page and helps in clearing up any questions that may arise in terms of billing or delivery dates.
The printing business is well-suited to an online mode of doing business. At Conquest Graphics, we have in place all the elements needed to ensure that your job will be handled with accuracy and in a completely secure environment.

Online printing - The Benefits

February 7, 2012 16:06

Online printing has made it so much easier and less expensive to order business printing than ever before. In the past, when you wanted to get something printed for your business you had to shop around the local commercial printers to get the job done. Ordering print on-line is easier and less expensive. In fact, there are so many benefits to ordering on-line that more and more businesses are switching to the web to save time and money.   

Here are some of the key benefits to ordering print on-line:

Convenience: On-line printers are open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. You can place your order when it is convenient for you even if you work non-traditional hours. You can order print from your computer while sitting in your pajamas if that makes life easier for you. 

Price: Most on-line printers operate from a large facility that handles thousands of print jobs so they can offer you the best pricing available. These commercial printers save costs by stocking specific papers and sizes and printing similar pieces together. 

Quality: On-line printers offer quality that is equal to or better than a local commercial print shop. These large printers produce more material so they often invest in the most up to date equipment available giving you the best quality for a low cost. 

Variety: On-line print companies thrive because they can offer many different types of products to fit all types of business needs. If you need brochures, business cards and posters, then you will find that most on-line printers can provide all these items for you so that you do not need to order from multiple vendors. 

Quantity: No matter whether you are printing a large amount of flyers or just need a few, you can find an on-line print house that can handle your print requirements. 

Quick Quotes: It is easier to shop around for price quotes from on-line printers. Often times, you can instantly get a quote on your print job and even get pricing for different projects and press runs at the click of a button.  

Ease of Ordering: Even if you are not an expert, on-line print companies make it easy by guiding you through the ordering process. They often lead you through a series of common questions to help you get exactly what you need. Ordering on-line is as easy as looking at the product pictures and clicking on the item that matches your project. 

Full Service: If you have questions, need graphic design help, mail fulfillment, have multiple distribution points or have any other service question, an on-line printer usually is fully staffed to help you complete your project.  

When seeking an on-line printer, there are a couple of ways to ensure that you get the job done right. Look for a commercial printer that is A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), that is a great assurance of quality and service.  

Conquest Graphics is an on-line printer that has a A+ rating and we also offer guarantees to make sure you are happy with their service. Conquest Graphics online printing offers a Total Satisfaction Guarantee, a Turnaround Guarantee to make sure you get the material by your deadline and a Secure Ordering Process.  

One way to get a good feel for an on-line printer is to order a small job so you can see the quality of the work and how smoothly the process flows. There are many upsides to ordering print on-line and very few risks so it is worth a try on your next print job. 



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