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Print Marketing Trends for Non-Profit Organizations

April 18, 2012 11:11
Printed marketing materials and direct mail are great ways to grow new donors for Non-Profit Organizations.  There are several non-profit marketing trends but direct mail that drives customers to make donations to your website is always a good option.  Dual channel communication, or advertising that hits customers both electronically and through traditional paper printing, is very important to use in modern marketing.
1.  Build mutually rewarding relationships with donors – Cross promotion is an important strategy for profit and non-profit businesses and organizations alike.  Whether it’s a dog shelter pairing with a pet store, or a women’s rights organization pairing with a hospital, you can draw more attention to your cause with the increased visibility of building mutually rewarding relationships.  Additionally, the other partner may be a sponsored donor, which makes it even more beneficial to work together.  By displaying signage, posting business cards, and spreading brochures and leaflets, you can do more with paper printing than just direct mail marketing.
2.  Charity discounts – Several organizations, including the USPS, still offer charity discounts for non-profit groups in order to save them part of their cost.  This is a perk that is offered generally upon proof of official “non-profit” designation.  Some on-line print companies, such as Conquest Graphics, also offer cost savings for non-profit organizations. Always ask your vendors if they offer a discount or shop around for those that do help charitable groups.
3.  Quarterly newsletters – Many non-profit organizations are trending toward moving their newsletters back from monthly mailings to quarterly mailings; this is in response to a lot of feedback from donors about their preferences for solicitation.  Not only do businesses save money by mailing less frequently, but their direct mail marketing is much better received.
4.  Streamlining traditional with digital – If your non-profit is looking for an opportunity to help the environment you can merge your digital advertising with direct mail marketing instead of switching completely to digital.  This method of dual channel communication can allow you to use green printing on the traditional side of it.  This sustainable method of paper advertising is competitively priced through online printers such as Conquest Graphics and also helpful for the environment.
5.  Address labels – One of the most popular trends in non-profit direct mail marketing is the addition of bonuses like free address labels and calendars.  If a donor sends money to a children’s fund or a church group they will often receive a ‘thank you’ piece of mail with some type of goody inside—often personalized with their name.  When donors see their personal information attached to these bonuses it reinforces the belief that their individual contribution was special and made a difference.
There are many popular trends for non-profit organizations to revolutionize their direct mail marketing.  By modifying mail schedules, being responsive to donor feedback, emphasizing cross-promotion, and adding print bonuses, it is possible to be both environmentally friendly and smart with your advertising budget.  The good thing about non-profits is that your customers often are previous donors with a fondness for your cause; this makes it even easier to reach them. 
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How Charitable Organizations Use Print Marketing to Drive Donations

April 4, 2012 12:05
Charitable organizations thrive on the donations of the general public in order to further their causes, and these can be seen as another form of sales which benefits from printed direct mail marketing.  You have to attract attention and be able to sustain it long enough to solicit at least one donation but repeat donors are always better.  Currently, charitable organizations receive charity discounts for their mailing needs, but this may change in the future as it remains a heated issue in Congress.  However, these following strategies of paper printing in direct mail marketing will continue to serve your charity well.
QR codes – One of the easiest ways to benefit from direct mail marketing is with the advent of QR codes.  These bar codes, which are scannable with smartphone applications, can electronically direct potential donors to your website or other informational links.  The best part about this strategy is that individuals can immediately jump from your paper advertising to a means of donating within seconds.
Event tickets – All charities can benefit from special events whether they be balls, speaking engagements, sporting competitions, art shows, etc.  The ability to trade cash for physical, paper tickets remains vital for this purpose. 
Banners – Within the events, or even your charitable organization’s headquarters, there are always innumerable opportunities to display signage.  Cross-promotion is a very smart way to partner with other businesses to further each other’s causes.  Let your charity sponsor a high school football game and hang a charity banner in the end zone, or invite a motor vehicle corporation to donate a large sum to your charity and feature their brand in a banner advertisement at one of your auction events.
Flyers – This is an important resource for all charities.  Soliciting donations requires visibility so that the general public believes that you are a legitimate organization—if a potential donor has never heard of your charity then they will be much less likely to donate money.  If you distribute flyers through direct mail marketing or by hand then you can put out a bulk of information in an attractive and inexpensive way.
Booklets – Booklets allow charitable organizations to compile a substantial amount of information on print material that looks and feels professional and very well-put together.  Charities that are soliciting very big sums of money or that are operated by large corporations or state organizations often benefit from going beyond a one page flyer—this is especially true for causes that are very heavy on information.  For instance, soliciting donations for medical research often requires an explanation of the procedure or treatment itself.  This can be made easier through pages of diagrams, photographs, definition lists, or quotes and excerpts from medical texts.  Booklets are perfect for this option.
Charitable organizations can use printing for either their direct mail marketing needs, for in-house advertising, or for specific events.  When charities combine the competitive pricing of online printers like Conquest Graphics with the charity discounts through the Post Office, traditional paper printing becomes an incredibly cost effective and efficient way of driving up donations and furthering their respective causes.
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