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Variable Information Printing

Variable Information Printing Services What is VI Printing?

VI printing is short for Variable Information printing. In VI printing, the image that is printed can be varied completely from one page to the next as the digital press runs. VI printing allows for high levels of personalization within a press run, a process referred to as mass customization, or 1-to-1 marketing. Through the use of a database, text and images can be varied based on information contained in the database fields. This is frequently called a “data driven” process. For example, if a database contains demographic data, such as gender, an image that is most appropriate (golf clubs for a man, or a spa package for a woman) can be printed to create a more relevant, personal message or experience for the recipient. So why is this important? Years of research and business practice show that personalization yields higher response, and improved results. Whereas a typical static, non-personalized direct mail campaign might result in a 1% or 2% response rate, a well-designed, highly personalized mailing can yield response rates in excess of 20%!

How Can Conquest Graphics Help?

Conquest Graphics has been using full color digital printing technology for over a decade. We are experts in using digital printing technology, and we can help you leverage digital printing and variable information printing to maximize your business results. Our two Xerox iGen3 digital presses are state-of-the-art, and offer speed, quality, and cost that is comparable in every way to conventional offset printing. For more information about digital printing and variable information printing, Call 1-800-707-9903 or Email Us.

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