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How to Design your Door Hangers to Promote Your Contracting Business

April 26, 2012 10:57
Contracting businesses rely very heavily on strong localized marketing to create familiarity and trust.  Whether you are a landscaper, plumber, or heat/AC Repairman, customers absolutely have to feel that your contracting business has a positive reputation and is an established fixture in the community in order to allow you on their properties and into their homes.  Using some basic tips for your cheap door hanger printing through online printing companies like Conquest Graphics you can let potential customers know you’re trustworthy, professional, and do only quality work.
Localized targeting— One benefit to cheap door hanger printing as a contractor is that you can target and canvas around where you are doing work.  A landscaper that is building up the curb appeal for a home in the middle of a big neighborhood could distribute their door hanger printing to the nearby homes.  This way, potential customers will be able to immediately connect the advertiser with their proof of service.  If a homeowner sees new, beautiful lawn on their way to their front door with the lawn service advertising hanging from it—that is an invaluable opportunity!
Use both sides— Depending on which contracting service you are offering images may not be as important, but generally if you’re trying to sell a visual product or service (e.g., anything home-related) you’re going to want to include a picture or two.  The nice thing about cheap door hanger printing is that one side readily faces out at the customer while the other side is waiting, covered with all kinds of relevant and important information.  Let the front jump out and pull them in while the back holds their attention.
Lots of colors— Being that contractors are largely hired for work around the home, there are lots of chances to incorporate bright, bold, exciting visuals that are related to home ownership such as vibrant outdoor landscapes, beautiful furnishings rich in color, and to use these all in a way that feels warm, inviting, and charming.  Use a lot of colors in your door hanger printing, but be sure to do research first and play with a variety of combinations to make sure that you’re projecting the right image.
Open with your offer— Every piece of advertising should come from some sort of angle—an offer to entire the potential customer.  So, what’s your offer?  Is it a percentage off of two combined services?  Is it a seasonal discount?  Put it first and foremost on your advertising materials!  Don’t make the resident have to read through a bunch of text to get to the most exciting part of your door hanger printing!  Remember that people only review ads for a few seconds before either committing to interest or deciding to discard them.  Make sure your big, bold, amazing offer jumps out at them.
Contractors can take most advantage of cheap door hanger printing through competitive priced online companies like Conquest Graphics by maximizing local visibility with professional and enticing marketing materials—using tips just like these!
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