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Just Ask Rocky: Workday

by John
November 22, 2011 10:52

Just Ask Rocky

In our office everyone gives their best. Even our beloved mascot Rocky. Rocky is a blue merle Aussiedoodle (also called an “Aussiepoo”). We’ve found Rocky to be quite smart, well behaved and very easy to train. He’s learned quite a bit about printing and here he takes your questions about printing and anything else you'd like to ask Rocky.

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Dear Rocky,

I've just started a new job. Everything is new and different, I'm getting used to my new workplace and coworkers. I was wondering, what do you like best about your workday? What's your favorite thing about your workday?


New at the Office

Dear New at the Office,

Being a dog, it is easy to find something to enjoy because there is always fun to be had if you look for it. I like the start of the morning, when we come in the morning, turn on the lights and get ready for the customers. The smell of the coffee everyone is drinking and that first morning biscuit I eat as the phone starts to ring (I don't answer the phone yet, I only help with the customers who walk in). I like that second biscuit I have as orders start to come in and I help as things get really busy. I especially like it when our customers ask me questions about their orders and I help get things ready for the press. I like squeaking my squeaky toy about mid day, letting everyone know that deliveries start to go out to businesses. I always enjoy my walk at the end of the day when everything is finished and we're getting ready for a new day.




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